“Let your hearts not be troubled! Trust in God, and trust in Me.”Jn 14:17

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Dear Sister Provincial Superior,
Dear Sisters!

“Let your hearts not be troubled! Trust in God, and trust in Me.”Jn 14:17

At this time, when we have a chance, through prayer and fasting, to come close to Christ’s suffering, all humanity is in shock, because of the spreading of the coronavirus epidemic. Many people in various parts of the world are getting sick, and many are dying. This situation is for all of us a chance for reflection, an examination of conscience, and sincere repentance before the Lord.

Dear Sisters, let us remember that the Lord Jesus is the Healer of souls and bodies!
In prayer, let us approach the Source of grace, the Blessed Sacrament, and ask for healing for the sick and the grace of union with God for the dying! Let us pray for medical personnel, who attend to their duties with dedication and sacrifice. Let us commend ourselves, our communities and all people to God’s Mercy, remembering
that we are in the hands of God and that without God’s will, even a hair of our heads would not fall.

Let us ask the Lord for a strong faith and trust in His guidance, and with prayer and penances, let us intercede for the people! Let us support one another and pray through the intercession of Blessed Josaphata, who with faith and Christian courage sent Sisters out to serve those around them during epidemics.

Let us be alert and protect ourselves and one another, but especially let us remember that the best protection from all epidemics is faith in the Lord and acts of love, for when we think about and strive to help those around us, God Himself looks after us!

May you all live in peace and God’s Grace! May the Lord grant us and all people salvation and health of soul and body through the prayers of Blessed Josaphata and all the saints.

With prayers in Christ,

Sr. Sofija Lebedowicz, SSMI
General Superior

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