Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate “Called by Name”
Published: February 8, 2013

One of the New Year’s resolutions for the SSMI’s is to be like the disciples after the Holy Spirit descended upon them at Pentecost.  The disciples saturated Jerusalem with the message of salvation in Jesus Christ.  They could not stop proclaiming what they had seen and heard.  So too, the Sisters Servants want to share our “vocation stories” to saturate the places where we minister with the message that a commitment to Jesus as a religious is still very relevant, is a blessing and is a very much needed vocation in our society.  

One part of our plan will be to include in each upcoming issues of The Way and The Sower, a Sister Servant’s ‘Called by Name’ story so that people may realize that sisters and priests are real people with strengths and weaknesses who try to respond to God’s call with “here I am Lord.”   We will begin our first “Called by Name” SSMI vocation story with Sister Michele Yakymovitch.  Please visit our website: or call Sr. Kathleen, Provincial Superior, at 845-753-2840 for more information.