Ecclesiastical artistry

Our expert seamstresses keep the art of Eastern Christian vestment creation alive in specially-designed sewing rooms at St. Mary’s Villa in Sloatsburg. A precise and painstaking art, special fabrics, bandings, and decorative pieces are employed to make beautiful and authentic vestments.

Our goal is perfection and our seamstresses create beautiful vestments to a high standard of quality. Custom fittings are done to attain a perfect fit for the customer. Designed to be strong, vestments can last decades, depending on the amount of use.
We create vestments for priests, bishops, deacons, and altar servers in a variety of ecclesiastical colors. We also make rigid or foldable bishop’s miters, altar covers, and custom banners and flags for schools or religious societies. Vestments are available in light, standard, and heavy weights. We do not handle cross-stitched (embroidered) designs.

Eparchial Support

SSMI sisters have taken on a variety of responsible roles to support the eparchies (dioceses) in which they serve. In 1935, eparchial support became the first SSMI mission in the US when five sisters arrived from Canada to serve at the seminary in Stamford.

Currently, we staff the following eparchial positions:

Youth Ministry Coordinator – The SSMI sister who currently holds these dual positions has a background in social work and a Masters Degree in Religious Education.

Youth Ministry Coordinator – This position assists parishes with programs for youth and young adults assisting them in planning and organizing parish youth programs. The position facilitates workshops and retreats for both youths and adults, and coordinates CCD training.

Librarians – SSMI staffs the Seminary and Chancery Libraries for the Stamford Eparchy. Since the sisters know both Ukrainian and English, they are able to assist seminarians researching topics in both languages.

Vestment creation – SSMI designs and creates fine Eastern Christian vestments for bishops, priests, deacons, and altar servers. We also create bishop’s miters, altar covers, banners, and flags. See the sidebar article.

If you are interested in custom ecclesiastical articles at reasonable prices, call us at 845-753-5100 or (973) 779-0249. Ask for Sister Eliane.